Ron Linder
CEO, Elad Systems 
Ron also serves as CEO at Elad Solutions- Elad Systems subsidiary specializing in computerized Medical Records and Health-Care solutions,
Ron previously served as CEO at Picom Software Systems and held several roles in the computer and IT market, including the position of product line manager at Computer Associates Israel. Linder holds a B.Sc degree in Industrial Engineering and an MBA in Marketing Management.

Offir Baron, VP Sales & Marketing
VP Sales & Marketing.

Responsible for promoting sales in the existing areas of company’s activity and establishing the company's presence in new areas and introducing new services.
In his previous position, Offir acted as the Business Development Director for Amdocs, and before that – as the Marketing and Business Development Manager at the Matrix's Financial and Technological Development Division.

He holds a BA degree in Industrial Engineering from the Technion and an MBA degree from the Tel Aviv University.
Yoram Czerninski, CFO
Heads the company’s Financial Division that manages its routine financial activities An auditor by profession.
Yoram has over 20 years of experience organizing and managing financial systems.

In one of his previous positions, he acted as the Financial Department Manager for HSBC Israel, as before that – as a CFO and Operations Director for the Shipping Bank of Israel. Yoram holds a BA degree in Economics and Accounting from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
Nurit Kelener, VP of Human Resources
VP of Human Resources in Elad Software Systems.

Nurit, who in her previous position acted as the Divisional Human Resources Manager for Amdocs, has over 10 years of experience in the field of human resources.

She holds a BA degree in Hotel and Tourism Management and an MBA degree in Business Administration from the Ben Gurion University.
Dagan Helevi: Division Manager – Software
Responsible for Division's activities at the Jerusalem Branch and at the company's Headquarters in Tel Aviv.

Dagan has been working for Elad, in different positions, since 1998. His task is to provide our customers with quality software solutions in the field of information systems.

Tal Shahar, Division Manager – Technology
Heads the Elad's Technology Division responsible for implementing advanced mobile solutions, cloud computing, and providing other innovative technology solutions to the our largest customers in Israel.

In his previous positions, Shahar acted as the R&D Vice President for 888 Ltd. and the Technology Division Manager at Matrix.

He holds a BA degree in Business Administration with specialization in information technologies and an MBA degree from the Tel Aviv University.

Shlomo Matya, Division Manager – Government Sector
Division Manager – Government Sector

In his previous position, Shlomo acted as the CIO and Branch Programming Director for Blue Square- Israel Ltd. In the past, he also served as a section head at the Data Processing Center of the Ministry of Defense, and the Computer School commander, Computer and Information Systems Center, IDF

Shlomo holds a BA degree in Political Science and Sociology from the Bar Ilan University, and is a licensed computer systems analyst
Carmit Ben-Dahan, Division Manager – Bussiness Sector
Division Manager – Bussiness Sector

In her previous position, at Amdocs, Carmit was responsible for sales of professional services to telecom sector customers and for CRM services sales.

She has over 10 years of experience in sales and management and holds a BA degree in Behavior Science and an MBA degree in Business Administration.
Amir Shefi, Division Manager – ICT and Managed Services