Mobile Apps Dev & Cloud Solutions

Elad Software Systems offers customer assistance and consultation in response to the ever increasing organizational needs to enter these fields while lacking the necessary knowledge required to develop an appropriate tactics and implement it in practice.

Mobile Solutions

​Elad Software Systems specializes in developing applications for the Apple’s iPhone, Google’s Android, Blackberry’s RIM, and Windows 7 mobile, and supplies advanced content management systems that allow to effectively control the content of cellular applications. In June 2011, Elad Software Systems purchased Novumind’s system to expand its activities in the field of cellular solutions.

Did you decide to develop an application and market it for free?          Especially for you, we have created an advertisement module that will help you present location- or language oriented advertisement within the cellular application. Elad Software Systems holds a proven experience in developing and connecting cellular applications to the web using Soap / Restjson service layer and social networks. We possess a graphic engine that may be used to create games, animation, and other creative cellular content.

Elad Mobile Solutions

Field Service
Developing applications for field personnel
A system for working with electronic forms
Catalog Apps
An application that presents searchable items
Social Layer Integration
A social module that can be imbedded in an existing or a new application
Augmented Reality
Expanding the reality; location camera-based interests
Cross Platform Hybrid Solution
A platform that allows developing applications for variety of platforms by using this platform solely
Press- Cross Management System
Content management system for cellular applications
Scarlet – Secured Mobile Architecture Solution