Our business concept of SOA enables organizations to utilize resources to the maximum of their potential. Our professionals possess a vast experience and comprehensive methodology for integrating SOA solutions into your organization in a number of ways.


ESB - Linking and Integration

The central linking module has a high importance for successful SOA implementation. This module enables protocol and message conversion, dynamic routing, and central management. The Software Products and Infrastructures Division of Elad Software Systems allows a quick entry into the ESB field with the help of a pre-defined methodology and infrastructures



Provides the infrastructure necessary for building the work desktop and sites by linking data from different systems based on a variety of technologies – all this, using a uniform presentation. The portal is a simple and user friendly tool for content management within the organization.

Business Process Management

BPM​ - Business Process Management

Modeling business processes in the field of organization and methods by implementing the processes and monitoring the KPI business indexes.