Managed Services

Elad Software Systems supplies outsourcing services, starting from placing individual workers to manning whole work teams, as well as comprehensive management services for projects and operations and supervision of training and implementation.

Managed Serviced and Outsourcing

​Elad Software Systems supplies outsourcing services, starting from placing individual workers to manning whole work teams, as well as comprehensive management services for projects and operations, or units within the organization. The services are provided by experts from every IT area who combine products and solutions offered by the company to effectively and fully address the needs of our customers.
Elad Software Systems has accumulated extensive experience and knowledge in managed services and outsourcing and is one of the oldest companies in this field in Israel. Elad Software Systems operates an advance recruitment system and has a large HR Department that supports, supervises, and backs up professionally all our service providers, and, at the same time, provides our customers with a set of support and guidance services that fully meet their needs and requirements throughout the entire contract period.

Implementation and Training

​The success of any IT system chosen by the organization depends to a great extent on a successful implementation process. Researches show that one of the main causes of project failures is a flawed implementation and training process. A decision to replace the existing system or to create a new one requires courage, because in doing so the organization management takes great risks and embarks on a road full of obstacles. One of the biggest risks that is likely to come up during the system implementation is associated with helping users, from the senior management to the lowest ranks of employees, cope with the change. The subject continues to gain importance, which is reflected in allocation of project resources, and is critical for project success. Understanding the processes that users need to undergo, identifying the main activities and the critical path for system implementation, accepting the change, and encouraging users to use the system – are all necessary steps in the process of training and implementation. A correct distribution of training and implementation resources, developing methods of preserving the accumulated organizational knowledge, and retaining and stimulating experienced workers will, in the final account, contribute to the maximum utilization of the technological potential of the change the organization has decided to implement.

Managed Training and Implementation Services

Elad Software Systems offers a high quality solution for large organizations interested in implementing cross-organizational computerized systems. We are experts in identifying the critical path and developing an efficient training procedure that will help speed up the system implementation process in your organization to ensure a quick ROI. Elad Software Systems will manage all aspects of your project and assign to this task a training team who has an in-depth understanding of intra-organizational processes, as well as necessary means of management and in-process control, implementation control and feedback. The training team is well aware of any organizational changes and adaptation processes needed for the users and knows how to develop creative ways of reducing resistance and raising motivation. The team is trained to support and supervise the users throughout the change process, and to prepare the organization for the technological breakthrough it chose to undertake.

Elad's Training Capabilities

​Elad Software Systems employs dozens of expert instructors fully qualified to train our customers in a wide variety of subjects, from using basic level applications to professionally operating complex cross-organizational technological systems. In addition, Elad Software Systems provides training services for its own solutions, such as ShareDocs – documentation management product. We provide our customers with a whole range of services, from individual training sessions to managed autonomic implementation and training services that cover all aspects of organization activities. Trainings are delivered in a number of ways using a variety of instruments (frontal training, exercises in small and large groups, individual training, or e-learning) and to all organization ranks. After the training, Elad Software Systems continues to support the implementation process, including setting up a technical support center, assisting individual users at their workplace, and documenting any failures during the system test runs. Elad Software Systems maintains an orderly and controlled process of retaining instructors and preserving the organizational knowledge.

E-learning Solutions by Kineo

​Elad Software Systems in cooperation with Kineo – a global company that supplies solutions and services in the field of e-learning – offers e-learning solutions based on advanced learning methods. The services we offer include strategic consulting, courseware development, creation of organizational learning portals, and implementation of learning management systems (Moodle). Kineo is highly reputed in the field of e-learning and among its customers are such leading international companies as Apple, HSBC, Google, Motorola, McDonalds, and many others. The cooperation with Keneo in Israel allows Elad Software Systems to offer solutions, services, and technologies that help achieve better training results at lower costs, while saving manpower and other valuable resources.