Infrastructures & Integration

Elad Software Systems provides its customers with creative solutions and technological innovation, while placing special emphasis on professional reliability and personal service.

Infrastructure Management and Monitoring

The Software Products and Infrastructures Division develops the methodology and instruments for the management and mentoring of software and middleware infrastructures. The Division possesses a vast experience finding and implementing highly efficient management and monitoring business solutions for the benefit of our customers.​


Application Performance Monitoring
These solutions developed by Nastel belong to the world of control and surveillance and are among the most advanced in the field of performance management and service availability. The solutions are provided by means of distributed applications.


​Business Transaction Performance
These instruments enable real-time monitoring of business transactions performed using different systems and help manage the SLA for each transaction.

Business Activity Monitoring

​Business Activity Monitoring
Solutions developed by IBM and Nastel enable real-time monitoring of KPI business indexes using sophisticated customizable dashboards. These BAM instruments can easily be integrated into any existing information system and business processes at your company.

Managed File Transfer

A software package developed by Primeur enables centralized management of file transfers inside and outside your organization performed using any protocol or technology. The package gives you a wide layer of security and the ability to automatically identify any file transfer.​

Application Servers Management

​WebSphere, Weblogic, JBoss application servers management - Solutions developed by IBM to enable efficient management of server environment and transfers between different environments. They support SOX -Sarbanes-Oxley applications and centralized CMDB (Management Database Configuration) and allow you significantly cut the costs.

ICT Infrastructures

​In the age of unprecedented technology and information proliferation, organizations have no choice but to solidify their professional standing by incessantly paying attention to promoting IT infrastructures that guarantee strong support and boost the organization’s core business. The ICT Division of Elad Software Systems was established to meet this challenge and it sees technological concepts and innovation as organizational prerequisites for achieving financial growth. We provide our customers with creative solutions and technological innovation, while placing special emphasis on professional reliability and personal service.


​Remote Desktop Services
Elad Software Systems specializes in the field of RDS and offers solutions for efficient endpoint management and raising the level of services provided to the users together with a major costs decrease. RDS allow a user to run a single application or endpoint in one place and control the activities from another place. The numerous possibilities offered by RDS enable the network manager to provide different users with the applications and services they need in their daily work, while managing all the activities remotely. Data Center. RDS 2008 offers a large number of possibilities that allow any organization to choose the service that best suites its activities. The system enables an efficient distribution of endpoints and applications to users within the organization, centralized management of all the possibilities and providing the end user with the entire set of services in the most transparent manner.

Thin Client

Elad Software Systems integrates and implements Chip PC products managed by an efficient and high-quality management application operating through a centralized interface that fully controls all the settings and applications of the endpoint, thus enabling the organization to significantly reduce its IT costs.​

Consulting and Infrastructure Maintenance

​In the recent years, we have witnessed a continuous increase in the use of such organizational systems as the Microsoft’s Dynamic CRM and SharePoint, which are the central point of interest to our customers. As Microsoft Gold Partners, we, at Elad Software Systems, are aware of the fact that these complex systems require professional attention and infrastructural support to stabilize and improve their performance. Over the last few years, Elad's ICT specialists have been actively involved in upgrading and routine maintenance of these systems.


Disaster Recovery Procedure
The uncompromising demand to critical systems in any organization is their 100 % availability.
The DR system offered by CA Arcserve presents a cost efficient solution for resource utilization. The CA Replication & High Availability – RHA was chosen as the leading solution for data replication from the production site to the DR site. The system is application aware and allows to implement different scenarios of replication to the DR site with an emphasis on the type of application being handled. We specialize in providing DR solutions to organizational applications in general and the SharePoint and CRM systems in particular.

Infrastructures and Development Instruments

​The Software Products and Infrastructures Division of Elad Software Systems provides infrastructures and development instruments for upgrading your organization’s software infrastructures to make them suitable for wide scope activities, at a level much higher than that you were accustomed to in the past.

Code Quality Analysis

Instruments for centralized management and monitoring of human code control by Atlassian Crucible. These instruments enable code control performance according to the Agile methodologies at the individual level and provide wide-scope indicators of how code controls are used in your organization.​

Project & Team Collaboration

​Collaboration tools enabeling to share knowledge , tasks and projects with emphasis on Web 2.0 and Agile Development abilities by Attlasian Confluence.

Open Source

​Open source instruments provided by RedHat allow organizations to combine advanced software infrastructures at lower costs and without the need to purchase licenses (SaaS – Software as a Service).