HealthCare Solutions

We provide various healthcare solutions for hospitals, HMO's and health sector clients in Israel: Chameleon medical record management system based on Microsoft technologies, Dynamics CRM and Mobile Health Solutions supply better patient care management.

Chameleon Medical Record

Chameleon is a web-based electronic medical record information system used by leading hospitals, ambulatory clinics and health organizations.  It is comprised of comprehensive application modules including patient administrative information, patient clinical information, inpatient wards, outpatient clinics and extensive set of medical specialties.

Inpatient EMR

Chameleon clinical EMR solution is designed to coordinate care across hospital locations and departments, support critical decision-making, automate processes for accuracy and safety, and improve patient care outcomes and clinical performance. Chameleon connects clinicians and administrators with shared patient information and workflow, to advance accuracy, efficiency and safety across hospital settings, departments and locations. ​

Ambulatory EMR

Chameleon™ is design to support the entire outpatient clinic medical process. Physician specialists, therapists and other specialized care providers use Chameleon™ to improve patient care outcomes and clinical performance

Benefits of Using Chameleon™ EMR:

• Increased medical staff efficiency (less paperwork and errors).
• Case management & control over treatment made easy and fast.
• Improved treatment outcomes due to the interoperability and continuum of care that gives providers a broader view of patient records.
• Comprehensive documentation of all healthcare aspects, which supports scientific and administrative reports and data-mining.
• Full audit trail that supports medical-legal processes.

CRM for HealthCare

Elad provides CRM solutions for main HMO's and for the Israeli Ministry of Health. Elad has successfully Implemented one of the world largest Dynamics CRM system at Maccabi Healthcare Services that provides comprehensive perspective on insurants’ requests and helps make decisions regarding such issues. The project won the Microsoft Excellence Award and today the system supports organizational procedures and is spread across more than 160 branches, with over 1,100 users, 16,000 suppliers and 2.5 million insurants. Elad's Dynamics CRM provides Maccabi a tool for several uses such as: insurants profile management, health-groups management, risk management, smoking cessation support center, violence documentation, legal desk management, public appeal, nurse unit center, service center and more. ​

CRM HealthCare Solutions

  • Health-Groups
  • Legal department
  • Public Appeals
  • Violence against stuff documentation
  • Medical Risks management

Medical Centers Management

  • Service Center
  • Medical Center
  • Smoke Cessation Center
  • Sales Center
  • (Travel insurance, supplemental coverage, Medical Travel)
  • Support and Entitlement Center
  • Medical Appointment Center
  • IT Help Desk

CRM Benefits for HealthCare

  • Centralized management of all points of sale of supplemental insurance.
  • Management of potential clients including properties from different systems, client conservation and more.
  • Telephone campaign for potential customers
  • Smart Calls by script, call policy and dialing attempts
  • Coordinating meeting for field representatives by region, language and other characteristics
  • Management teams and sales centers - Measuring effectiveness, goals, etc.

Mobile Health

Mobile Health emerges in recent years as it holds an enormous potential of improving patient care via Mobile technologies, with emphasis on information security and thus allow medical providers everlasting patient update. Elad provides mobile health projects for Israel's largest hospitals and clinics and enables the medical stuff remote patient monitoring using tablets including clinical data view and thus better medical care.   ​

Chameleon Mobile

Chameleon is a Web system for managing a computerized medical record (EMR), based on technology Microsoft ASP.Net and SQL.
General Health Services selected the Chameleon for computing all its' hospitals.
Chameleon is integrated in Israel's leading hospitals such as Sheba Medical Center, Rabin Medical Center, Center Sourasky (Ichilov) and more.
Chameleon Mobile provides access to the patient's medical file from anywhere, at any moment and on any device, according to security permits.
Chameleon Mobile is available for iOS platforms, Android, Windows Phone 8