Document Management

Elad Software Systems specializes in the field of knowledge management and a proven experience in providing solutions of different scopes and levels of complexity to a wide range of customers.

ShareDocs- Document Managment

ShareDocs, the leading documentation management product in Israel, is based on the Microsoft’s SharePoint Server platform. Developed by Elad Software Systems, the system allows you to immediately appreciate the added value of SharePoint for your organization thanks to its advanced user interface and easy implementation. It easily interfaces with such organizational systems as SAP, Priority, and Dynamics CRM, and allows data sharing with all information systems in the organization.
ShareDocs has all standard features of the Office applications that allow to easily update the system while using them. The intuitive and friendly user interface highly improves the data and content flow within and outside the organization, as well as the information availability and accessibility. ShareDocs is available in the following versions:
• ShareDocs Enterprise - for organization and VPN environment
• ShareDocs Mobile – supports a variety of devices
• ShareDocs SaaS – no need for setting up an organizational infrastructure

ShareDocs: A Business Advantage

Regulation-compliant documentation management – version management, advanced records, audit trail management, classification according to Active Directory, submission of regulatory files to authorities.
Collaboration – translating information into organizational knowledge and content, sharing documents with Lync Dynamics CRM and with the main systems used by the organization, such as SAP and Priority.
Prompt implementation of the documentation filing and management policy of the organization (organization taxonomy)
Saving storage, printing, and mailing costs
Ability to store large volumes of information (RBS) through using advanced storage technologies
Documentation BI using the SharePoint 2010 capabilities
Ability to work off-line both inside and outside the organization
Logical filing in an unrestricted number of logical files


​ShareDocs is a browser-based system developed by .NET, using the SharePoint platform. It uses the Microsoft’s SQL 2005/8 infrastructure and has multiple integration options, including interface with Web Services and APIs that allow integration with internal and external systems and with the Office environment. ShareDocs is fully linkable to information produced by such organizational systems as CRM, ERP, and the organization portal.