Microsoft Dynamics CRM for customer relations management has become a necessary and critical prerequisite for the success of any organization. We develope applications  specifically suited for your needs and offer comprehensive CRM suites.

Leading Solutions for Customer Relations Management

​As a Microsoft Gold Partner in the field of Dynamics CRM, Elad Software Systems specializes in developing solutions that are specifically suited for customer relations systems based on Microsoft Dynamic CRM.

Elad CRM has spent thousands of man hours to help Microsoft transfer the product to the Israeli market that included all versions of Dynamics CRM starting from 1.2, through 3.0 and 4.0, and up to the recently launched current 2011 version. The in-depth “backstage” acquaintance with the product and working directly vis-à-vis the CRM development team at Microsoft USA has contributed profoundly to the Elad CRM’s knowledge.
We are the first and the oldest Israeli partner who has received the Dynamic CRM certification and implemented a series of CRM projects for different customers.

For the project implemented for Maccabi Healthcare Services, we have been awarded an excellence price by Microsoft USA. With more than 1000 users at 160 branches that provide service to over 2 million customers, the project is the largest Dynamic CRM project ever implemented in Israel.

In addition to the quality of work, one of our biggest added values is the ability to profoundly understand the customer’s needs and to recommend a simple and effective solution. This ability is based on our in-depth knowledge of the CRM platform, both in its current version and the upgrades anticipated in the upcoming one.

CRM Solutions for the Banking Sector

VeriTouch is a comprehensive CRM solution for the banking sector that is best suited for its needs and distinctive features. The system gives banks and financial instructions a full picture of their customers’ needs and characteristics, as well as of the current profitability, which allows to increase the profit and improve the level of service. The solution is currently implemented in over 30 banks, mainly in Europe and the Middle East.

The CRM solution for the banking sector allows a 360 degree view of the customer’s needs and a profound understanding of the quality and efficiency of relations with each individual customer by providing an easy access to information. The system features an easy-to-use interface, in which Microsoft Outlook serves as a desktop for the bank worker.
The customer’s profile consists of the following components: bank operations, complaints, campaigns offered to the customer, customer’s family bonds, credit card, etc. Such approach enables banks to make offers to the customers according to the requested parameters through different channels, including e-mail and SMS. The system pays special attention to providing the necessary information to the bank worker at the branch or call center to allow cross sales.

Are You Interested in Replacing Your Current CRM System?

​Elad Software Systems has a working methodology for converting and transferring data to Dynamics CRM Online from other CRM systems, which includes the following stages:
• Studying the existing system
• Defining the properties of the new system’s content
• Defining the properties of fields and data to be transferred from the existing system to the new one
• Performing transfer tests and updating the transfer properties document accordingly
• Data cleansing before transfer
• Training workers to use the new system
• Performing the final transfer and data cleansing after the transfer
• Running the system and performing updates if needed

Solutions for Customer Relations Management

CRM Sales: sale center
CRM Services: service center
IT HelpDesk: IT Department management
CRM Forex: currency trade management
CRM Elect: elections campaign management
Public requests management system
Law Department management system
Technical support center management system

Dynamics CRM Online

​Elad Software Systems offers its customers an easy, fast, and cheap implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online that provides the organization with the ability to respond flexibly to its customers’ needs It serves as a ready-to-use instrument that gives the users a full access to the customers’ details, with an easy and simple experience they are accustomed to while working with Microsoft Office Outlook. The system is rich in marketing support, sales, and customer service tools that Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online features.
• Easy and simple to learn by the end users
• Powerful marketing support, sales, and customer service tools
• Wide scope of XRM abilities that offers response to the various and constantly changing business needs
• Fully integration with Microsoft Office
• Easy to set up with only a few clicks
• Storage volume of 5 GB
• Full work experience in off-line
• Mobile devices support
• Ability to further develop and expand the system